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Tales of the Dragon and the Phoenix – ZX Fanfiction Contest

This is what were waiting for, another round of contest that will entitled the best participant for an advance passes for the game ZX Online PH, which is schedule to launch its ZX Close Beta Testing Phase this November 2008. Please read the mechanics carefully and show your hidden talents and creativity in making such magnificent and unique story. Please be advised that everyone is welcome to create and submit their entry, there are no such thing as incorrect and failure in creating your own certain story just your wildest imaginations, personal ideas and guts to do this thing.

Ready your pen and paper now…Goodluck to all !~

( The following text mechanics are copy/paste from the site were its originated for this event but images are my own set of collections to find this post catchy for my readers and visitors.


Lets get Started

Each must create a fanfiction or a short story using of any of the characters, classes, mobs, background, and change it into your own tales of romance, action, suspense, drama or everyday life.

The theme should still set in the time and locations in ZXOnline.

You can use any of the materials posted at the ff. websites:

For other external websites or information, you should ask permission first or give credits to the said resources.

1.    All terms and conditions of e-Games Philippines apply.
2.    Participants must use any blog accounts to enter -OR- send your entries in NOTEPAD application to zxonline.ph@gmail.com
3.    All fanfiction entries must compose of 100 words minimum and 500 words maximum.
4.    Participants can only send 1 entry. Each entry must be unique, and of their own composition.
5.    Deadline of entries: to be announced / around 3rd week of November

*Mechanics and schedule are subject to change without prior notice.

So whip out your pen and paper, and write the story of a lifetime.

Source: ZX Online PH Community


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Zhu Xian: Enter a New Game

This are the parts wherein you will enter the game the first time. This guide will preview how to install, patch, log in and create a character in the game. ( Images are still in chinese text for the purpose of describing which part to be followed. )

Lets get started.

After the game installed, ZX icon will appear on the desktop. Double-click the icon will appear on the screen to update the game, if the need to update the game, there will be updated server box to choose, you can choose your update Server for updates.

When you install the game, running for the first time, the game will automatically detect updates, detects when there are updates, it will pop up automatically updated interface settings, choose the good and in line with its own network of servers to be updated, so as to ensure the update rate.

If you choose to manually update, first of all need to download the update patch, and then click manually upgrade.

Click on the updated manual, please select the appropriate path to patch storage, you can click this to open.

When the file of the game led to an error pop-up or other problems such as it cannot run, use the version of the verification, but the version of the verification may take longer to you, just please be patient.

Click to verify version will verify the version of the pop-up interface, you can choose.

After the completion of the update, please update the screen in the lower right choice for your area of the game, and then click on the “start of the game.”

After entering the game screen, first of all choose to enter the server.

Enter your user identification and password

Choose Server Channel to enter ( If applicable in English version )

Then you will prompt to Character Creation Screen

At Character Selection and Creation, To create a character, first of all characters in the interface, click to choose “to create characters.”

After the creation of characters will be the interface, where players can create their own characters for face, hair, gender selection.

Then choose to create a character, in the bottom of the avatar you need to input your in-game character namei then click “OK”.

After the character has been created, Click Ok then you will prompt to character selection screen. Then you can now Play the ZX Online.

Enjoy the game !~

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Another look at Empress Mei Yan

Whew, i stand corrected in my previous posted informations at my blogs about the newcomer CM Mei Yan, The Empress Lady Veya is not actually new to pinoy gaming scene particularly in e-Games community. I still reminescent my old RAN Online days, because i’m one of the pioneers played this first initial game presented by e-Games in the Philippines and actually played side by side with some gamers from Malaysia.

GM Celestia ( Lady Veya ) was there too ofcourse, with some previous RAN GMs team like Amethy, BooM, Badlungs and others.

So the Great Empress CM Mei Yan revealed herself as Lady Veya is quite amazing, really dont have a slighties idea that Lady Veya is CM Mei Yan. This is consider Lady Veya’s major comeback from the gaming world of e-gamers, and a cherry on top of this massive anticipations to the game ZX online. Her dedications and excellent performance in her previous jobs in RAN Online PH and Granado Espada PH Community as handlers proved that ZX Online PH will be the next pinoy MMO to beat in 2009. Now, im a litte bit confused of what name we may call our ZX Community Manager… is it CM Mei Yan?, Lady Veya?, The Empress?, Bea?, Ms. Mei?, Mei Yan?, M’am?

I’m really glad that its you !~

More Power to ZX PH Team !~

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ZX Video Collections

I like to share some cool ZX video clips taken from zx-wanmei site.

Kindly click the description below to watch the video.

City Wars – ZX Version of a Siege War

Azure in Assassin costume with his Panda

Funny War Video

Pets and more cool ZX Pets

Zhu Xian Lian Music Video

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Zhuxian Productions: ZX Episode 1

Lol, this video will makes your day happy. From Zhu Xian Production comes the epic saga of Master Zhu and Student Xian another sequel to the great success of the first one. Oh, we cant wait for the next episode.

Enjoy !~

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e-Games announces its Year End Blow-Out Event

e-Games with the Community Managers and Game Masters invades SM San Fernando Pampanga this Saturday, October 25 and provide our valued gamers freeplay, ingame tournaments, live activities and loads of entertainment!

Plus, get a chance to win free advance passes for ZXOnline even before CBT starts!

Make sure to buy your 20EP card as your entrance ticket, but if you’re an e-Gamer Loyalty Card holder, you get free access to this awesome event!

October 25, 2008 (Saturday)
10:00AM to 8:00PM
SM San Fernando, Pampanga

GM Amethy / CM Jes
GM Drone
GM Psybot
CM Mei Yan
GM Persona
GM Hanya
GM Phryzea
GM Lyle
GM Acheron
GM Faiga

November 2008
SM Lipa
(The exact dates and event mechanics will be announced in the website, forums and community blogs)

GM Amethy / CM Jes
GM Drone
GM Psybot
CM Mei Yan
GM Lowe
GM Bane
GM Raven
GM Cerberus
GM Chromium
GM Makadesh

For more details and mechanics visit the e-Games Community Forum.

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Kush joined Exitializ Guild for ZX Online PH

Im proud to announced in my blog that my official home for ZX Online Ph will be at Exitializ Guild. You will gonna say theres is no point of relaying this to my readers and visitors but i would say that this is my way of appreciations to those people inside this guild who welcome me with open arms and there are also members who invited me to join in through personal messages prior to my said formal application.

Really excited about every possibility that my guild will be known for its advocacies, the drives of helping ZXph gaming community clean and bringing a new level of gaming experiences to most of the players. This are examples of many great efforts i would like to achieve in the near future together with my fellow guildmates.

Really excited to start my great adventure to Zhu Xian with this magnificent guildmates. And im really really happy and proud to say that i belong to a guild who will be representing as the pioneering clan in the history of ZX Ph and aiming to participates in the close beta test come November.

To my Guildmates @ Exitializ many thanks guys and Goodluck to all of us and hope we are to be selected as one of the Testing Guild for the CBT phase.

Kindly visit Exitializ Guild Forum Thread for more infos and your interest in joining this Guild for ZX PH.

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Zhu Xian: The Synopsis – A Journey to Immortality

In the beginning, the world of man was beset by tempestuous storms. The thunderous roar of lightning wracked the land and disasters befell mankind. Man lamented his inability to escape death and calamities and throughout the land was heard the wail of despair.

In desperation, man imagined that there were nine heaves above, where mighty gods dwell and nine netherworlds below where souls went to rest in the infernal halls. Thus did man begin to hope for immortality and devoted their worship to the great gods they had brought forth.
Despite the knowledge that death was unavoidable, all that lives, loves life and fears death. Belief in the infernal lands haunted man, and so, man yearned ever more for immortality.

Thus did wise men and sages begin to search for the secrets of immortality. Though immortality was still unattainable, there were some who were well cultivated in the mystical arts that understood the secrets of Heaven and Earth, and even as mortals they had great powers, with various magical weapons they could shake the Heavens and make the earth tremble.

The mortals that practiced the art of mystical cultivation were innumerable, as many as the carps in the rivers. For the Middle Plain is vast, and those with strange power were many, there were countless ways of mystical cultivation. The secrets of immortality are still unattainable, yet already different sects and clans have formed. These were divided into those who followed the path of righteousness and those who pursued the heretic path.

Once an apprentice of the righteous path, “Zhang Xiaofan” was hated by his brethren for loving Biyao, the daughter of the Ghost Lord. Later he betrayed the Green Cloud Sect and became a disciple of the Ghost Lord Clan, changing his name to “Ghostry”. And on the Mountain of Green Cloud, a heart broken Lu Xueqi that loved Zhang Xiaofan with all her heart and soul had to endure the avarice and persecution of her clan.

As the wars between the Righteous and Heretic paths continued, hordes of monsters and demons invaded the Middle Plain. Death and destruction spread everywhere, and the thousands of bodies left unburied created a stench that brought about the saying “Heaven and Earth are ruthless, trampling all creatures like straw dogs”.

Brought to the brink of extinction by this great calamity, the paths of Righteousness and Heresy have to abandon their old rivalry, and stand united to face the demons and monsters.

Will Zhang Xiaofan find the way to save the life of Bi Yao? Will the Heretic and the Righteous sects put aside all the hatred and work together against the coming calamity? Destiny is in your hand, join us in the battle to save this enchanting, mythical world! The world of the Zhu Xian.

Also kindly read : A Period before the War of the Three Kingdoms by CM Mei Yan

Thanks Celestial Destroyer @ Blogger for this great synopsis.

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ZX Online Philippines goes International

Yes, its been announced. The most anticipated game of Q4 2008 the ZX Online PH ( Zhu Xian ) will open its doors to all players internationally. ZX online Philippines, the first english version of the MMORPG, Zhu Xian Online. Created by China’s Beijing Perfect World Co. Ltd, and to be publish by IP e-Games Ventures for Philippines franchise were schedule its Close Beta Testing Phase this coming November 2008. It means no more blocking of Ip addresses for this game and those who residing outside the country can also enjoy playing ZX online 1st english version.

Still dont have any clue whether e-Games PH will also do some invites or accepts request for all foreign players who wish to participate in the CB testing. But this is considered a great news especially those pinoys in abroads who like to play with fellow pinoys. I hope in this effort and the inclusion of players from different parts of the country will help more in the effort to show the game ZX Online to other parts of the World.

Ive been playing several of International MMORPGs titles and i had an experienced playing side by side with matured, friendly well behave foreigners thats why i simply admired them. This will also one way to prove to our foreign counterparts that pinoy gamers are similarly friendly, competitive, smart players and well disciplined as themselves. Im sure it will bring more excitement and even more challenging to compete with some future foreign guilds.

The additions of foreign players and all pinoy gamers lived, worked and studying abroad will be a bigger trials to e-Games and ZXph Team. With a bigger and wider market we just hope that the value of services will be a whole lot of better for ZX players and we need to see a bigger improvements this time. The efforts of bringing a pleasant gaming experiences to majority and the nice game community to all with a superb customer services are the big challenges to ZX PH Team and to its company to be face in the future.

Goodluck e-Games Team and Thank you for bringing to us ZX online, Its another new excitements for all gamers who cant really wait for this game to happen.

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ZX Pre – CBT Discussion sessions ( FGD ) possible?

Its been a major discussion in the new ZX community forum about the involvements of selected gamers going to the pre-CBT preparations and plannings with ZX Team. Ive read a comments from some forumers about this topic suggesting a  Focus Group Discussions or some sort of a panel meetings set by our Community Manager together with some Game masters, selected future ZX gamers and some guild representatives discussing the future of ZX and game related topics prior to the close beta testing period date.

Its a very nice plan really if its going to push thru. For a starting Game Community, set a pace by starting good relationships and interacting with the players are effective ways of creating friendships and building respects and trust among ourselves, Management and Players alike.  And its one great step towards achieving a very nice game community objective. Im hoping that CBT start sooner, the longer the testing period the bigger posibility that we might encounter less executional errors and game bugged in the Open Beta phase.

Wish you all the best !~

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