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Zhu Xian: The Story

Heh, nah this is not the entire story itself but this is taken from the popular novel. It only summarized the real story of Zhu Xian based on the music video created for the game, this will give you ideas, scene and events from the real novel. itself.

The video describes the fantasy tale around the protagonist Xiao Fan. After a period of frustration, Xiao Fan hides a soul-destroying stick and is eventually buried alive with Bi Yao. One day, Xian Fan’s brother Jing Yu came to visit and persuaded him to return to the Qing Yun clan. With the remaining confederates of Werebeast incited by demons to attack decency, the sword of Zhu Xian gets broken, and Xue Qi was badly wounded. Although Bi Yao refused in her mind, she does not want Xiao Fan to be in a state of uncertainty, however, in the end, she persuads him to go. Whereafter, Xiao Fan congeed Bi Yao, and left with Jing Yun to go back to the Qing Yun clan. In the battlefield, the Qing Yun took heavy losses, but some important elders strived, but the focus remained on the blue Tian Xie sword.


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Zhu Xian: MTVs

Ive never seen a Music Videos for a MMORPG and this are really good, Richie Ren or Richie Jen performs and actually starred as Zhang Xiao Fan in the MTV Im Back, with several points taken from the actually game itself.

This are sample Videos : Hope you all like it



“Zhu Xian: I’m back”, Zhu Xian Online’s theme song topped several music charts and bill-boards for nearly a month after its release. Also featured in the game was “Zhu Xian Love” or “Zhu Xian Lian”, a much anticipated love song. The music videos of both songs are interconnected, featuring Zhu Xian Online’s mystic setting and breathtaking sceneries. The music video of Zhu Xian: I’m back” alone was a two million RMB production. In the Shanghai press conference, Richie Ren, showed up in his devil custom with a soul-destroying stick, reminded the audience of Zhu Xian’s Zhang Xiao-fan.

sources: prnewswire

And By the way i have to promote Zhu Xian Video performed by our versatile guys at Head Office( actually they are all Game Masters at e-Games PH HQ ). This ultimate masters performed the lip synching of the popular hit by Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger and called them selves Master Zhu and student Xian under Zhu Xian Productions. Both Hilarious and a masterpiece this major act caught the attentions of mostly viewers particularly e-Gamers, which signals the first official promotion of the game Zhu Xian in Pinoy gaming crowds.

Let’s have a look:


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