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ZX Pre – CBT Discussion sessions ( FGD ) possible?

Its been a major discussion in the new ZX community forum about the involvements of selected gamers going to the pre-CBT preparations and plannings with ZX Team. Ive read a comments from some forumers about this topic suggesting a  Focus Group Discussions or some sort of a panel meetings set by our Community Manager together with some Game masters, selected future ZX gamers and some guild representatives discussing the future of ZX and game related topics prior to the close beta testing period date.

Its a very nice plan really if its going to push thru. For a starting Game Community, set a pace by starting good relationships and interacting with the players are effective ways of creating friendships and building respects and trust among ourselves, Management and Players alike.  And its one great step towards achieving a very nice game community objective. Im hoping that CBT start sooner, the longer the testing period the bigger posibility that we might encounter less executional errors and game bugged in the Open Beta phase.

Wish you all the best !~


October 16, 2008 - Posted by | My First ZX Journey

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  1. very nice idea

    Comment by ExcEsc | October 16, 2008

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