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Journey to Immortality

Zhu Xian: The Synopsis – A Journey to Immortality

In the beginning, the world of man was beset by tempestuous storms. The thunderous roar of lightning wracked the land and disasters befell mankind. Man lamented his inability to escape death and calamities and throughout the land was heard the wail of despair.

In desperation, man imagined that there were nine heaves above, where mighty gods dwell and nine netherworlds below where souls went to rest in the infernal halls. Thus did man begin to hope for immortality and devoted their worship to the great gods they had brought forth.
Despite the knowledge that death was unavoidable, all that lives, loves life and fears death. Belief in the infernal lands haunted man, and so, man yearned ever more for immortality.

Thus did wise men and sages begin to search for the secrets of immortality. Though immortality was still unattainable, there were some who were well cultivated in the mystical arts that understood the secrets of Heaven and Earth, and even as mortals they had great powers, with various magical weapons they could shake the Heavens and make the earth tremble.

The mortals that practiced the art of mystical cultivation were innumerable, as many as the carps in the rivers. For the Middle Plain is vast, and those with strange power were many, there were countless ways of mystical cultivation. The secrets of immortality are still unattainable, yet already different sects and clans have formed. These were divided into those who followed the path of righteousness and those who pursued the heretic path.

Once an apprentice of the righteous path, “Zhang Xiaofan” was hated by his brethren for loving Biyao, the daughter of the Ghost Lord. Later he betrayed the Green Cloud Sect and became a disciple of the Ghost Lord Clan, changing his name to “Ghostry”. And on the Mountain of Green Cloud, a heart broken Lu Xueqi that loved Zhang Xiaofan with all her heart and soul had to endure the avarice and persecution of her clan.

As the wars between the Righteous and Heretic paths continued, hordes of monsters and demons invaded the Middle Plain. Death and destruction spread everywhere, and the thousands of bodies left unburied created a stench that brought about the saying “Heaven and Earth are ruthless, trampling all creatures like straw dogs”.

Brought to the brink of extinction by this great calamity, the paths of Righteousness and Heresy have to abandon their old rivalry, and stand united to face the demons and monsters.

Will Zhang Xiaofan find the way to save the life of Bi Yao? Will the Heretic and the Righteous sects put aside all the hatred and work together against the coming calamity? Destiny is in your hand, join us in the battle to save this enchanting, mythical world! The world of the Zhu Xian.

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Thanks Celestial Destroyer @ Blogger for this great synopsis.


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