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Another look at Empress Mei Yan

Whew, i stand corrected in my previous posted informations at my blogs about the newcomer CM Mei Yan, The Empress Lady Veya is not actually new to pinoy gaming scene particularly in e-Games community. I still reminescent my old RAN Online days, because i’m one of the pioneers played this first initial game presented by e-Games in the Philippines and actually played side by side with some gamers from Malaysia.

GM Celestia ( Lady Veya ) was there too ofcourse, with some previous RAN GMs team like Amethy, BooM, Badlungs and others.

So the Great Empress CM Mei Yan revealed herself as Lady Veya is quite amazing, really dont have a slighties idea that Lady Veya is CM Mei Yan. This is consider Lady Veya’s major comeback from the gaming world of e-gamers, and a cherry on top of this massive anticipations to the game ZX online. Her dedications and excellent performance in her previous jobs in RAN Online PH and Granado Espada PH Community as handlers proved that ZX Online PH will be the next pinoy MMO to beat in 2009. Now, im a litte bit confused of what name we may call our ZX Community Manager… is it CM Mei Yan?, Lady Veya?, The Empress?, Bea?, Ms. Mei?, Mei Yan?, M’am?

I’m really glad that its you !~

More Power to ZX PH Team !~


October 27, 2008 - Posted by | ZX Online PH News

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