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ZX Online PH CBT Client Downloads Options


ZX CBT Client
Version: CBT Client
Size:  1.16 GB ( Client file size ) / Actual File size after installation 1.25 GB.

METHOD 1: Use the mIRC chatroom!

1.) get mirc http://www.mirc.com
2.) Connect to irc.e-games.com.ph
3.) join #egames
4.) enter this into the channel /ctcp File XDCC GET zx #1 (copy paste this)
5.) accept the send

Visit CGM Persona instructions about mIRC downloading procedures at ZX Forum


1. Download a torrent software ( I personally use uTorrent for downloading ZX Client )
2. Install the uTorrent in your PC ( After the installation, do not first run the uTorrent go to # 3 step )
3. Visit the e-Games Portal download site and click on Zhu Xian Online with Torrent download option.
4. It will prompt you to Mininova site, Click the Download to Start ( file size 11.9 kb)
5. View the Torrent file in the folder where you save it, Run the file using uTorrent
6. uTorrent screen will pop, click the ZX client then click the play icon.
7. To set unlimited bandwidth for you downloading process, right click the ZX client in your uTorrent screen the options.
8. After you completed downloading the files, stay your uTorrent ZX client files open to seeds those who are not yet finish in the process.


For Direct Download / FTP


or go to e-Games Portal download site and click ZX CBT Client Option 2 Version: CBT Client Direct


For those who have a problems in other methods given above, I personally recommend this hosting site created by Althaea.  Stable bandwidth downloading and for those who wants to prevent traffics in other sources given above.

Althaea Hosting Site

Visit ZX Online PH Community for more details.

and learn more about  Close Beta Testing at ZX Mania Blogspot


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The Calling for future ZX Community Leaders

This informations are taken from Empress Mei Yan calls, our ZX Community Manager.  ZX Team are looking for Leaders, Area Representatives, Cafe owners and Guild Masters in all parts of the country and of those future ZX players living outside the country. For this massive MMORPG ZX Online, schedule for CBT this November, 2008

Take this oppurtunity to invite you all and be counted. This is very rare oppurtunity and effort to reunite us all and helping ZX Online Community as one of the top MMORPG in the Philippines in the years to come.

As a quoted:


It’ll be very helpful if we have representatives everywhere: North Luzon, Central Luzon, South Luzon, NCR, Visayas, Mindanao and other areas that has all of the dedicated and talented gamers.

We’re also finding iCafe owners that can also be the leaders, plus the ZXO PH Hotspots for all regions in the Philippines (or other country if we will be open to all).

We all know that in every pool of gamers in every generation, there is a leader by heart. One that has the abilities to make the people follow, and organize almost everything.

We call upon those great leaders that will lead side-by-side with me and the Community GameMasters.

Rewards will be given, however the greatest award will be your honor and your fame.

Instructions will be given soon.

Mei Yan

All interested players, guild leaders, cafe owners and area representatives can post your intentions at e-Games Forum ZX PH Temple. Here’s the link below:


Also want to invite you all to join in our ZX discussions while we all wait for the Close Beta Testing schedule.

ZX Online Philippines Community – http://zxonline.e-games.com.ph/

Thanks and More Power to all future ZX players.

Also kindly visit my other blog ZX Mania for some interesting ZX informations and topics.

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A Call for Future ZX Online Players

This my personal opinions in some topics found in the ZX official forum regarding the drives against all sort of Third Party Programs ( 3PP ). And also consider this a call to unites us in the drive to help the community of a Free cheats and 3PPs MMORPG in the country.

Im also encourage everyone to post your views and personal opinions, share to us all your ideas it will be a big help to the ZX Online Community.


There will be no Bots or any 3rd Party Programfor this latest game ZX Online at the moment. Simply because there were no private servers of ZX Online established so far. Remember that 3rd party programs always created not for personal interests of some gamers but always for business purposes and to make money out of it.

If this game is going to publish in other major continents, thats the time we will look out for some malicious movements. It will definitely starts with certain newbie chac spamming for Copper ( ZX ingame money) Selling and Power Levelling which are really annoying, this is an example of first move that in most countries and MMOs are very rampant and taking it as a serious business that even the certain publisher taken it for granted. If they were so successful and a lot of customers having patronized there services this is the signal to 3PP programmers to create programs in extremely sense. In which again another way to make big money by selling the programs to their valuable customers. This is the point that the said programs being shared, abundantly copy and advertise in other medium or in the net.

When this copper seller and power levelling mysterious newbie character starting to deploys in all ZX servers, this is the time we as players to take several actions and by helping of reporting to the ZX team community we will somehow prevent this thing to populates our game. Thats why we are a Community and by being vigilant and always aiming for an excellent gaming experience we should somehow cooperates hand in hand with the publisher and with the ZX Game Community itself. Our drive is to trackdowns all possibilities of 3PPs and other malicious intentions of cheating.

If we are so selfish focusing more with our personal intentions to become rich, powerful and gain popularity in the game and not mind to share, participate or cooperate or supporting the publisher but even patronized the 3PP business and services, this the worst time that problems will start to accumulates and then even the publisher didnt know which to prioritize either the game security or your individual problems.

We cant stop this. If we gamers didnt unites to fight this virus , if we always reluctant and relying mostly on the capabilities of the publishers to tracked down this bugs in the game, the result then will be more impossible to our publisher to catch this programs and to make counter measures. And the end results will be an eternal sufferrings of fire fightings.

So im asking everyone to always be an Active Gamer and not to be a Passive one. Be Vigilant.

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Meet the ZX Online PH Product Management Team

Its all fact that more and more pinoy gamers now and ofcourse many e-Gamers are really aware of the coming of this much anticipated game ZX Online, that will soon to lauch its CBT ( Close Beta Testing ) phase this month of November 2008. And also were very glad that our ZX Community Manager by the person of Ms. Lady Veya as CM Mei Yan are taking charge for ZX Online Game Community.

But very few really recognize the Team behind the game itself, aside from CM Mei Yan and ZX CGM Team who are dealing a major task in handling ZX Online game, making it the MMORPG that will soon to love by a majority of pinoy e-Gamers. There are people and characters always behind the scenes and they are the brains at the backstage as we may call it. This gals are the Masterminds of the game ZX Online Philippines, the e-Games Product Management Team for ZX and the ZX Lady Bosses.

I will take this oppurtunity to introduce and gives a warm of applause to this All Female ZX Online Product Managers, Ms. Heidi Mendita, Ms. Ivee Feria and Ms. Jane Amador. So what is Product Group anyway? As far as i know, This team are mostly in-charge of the negotiations, over-all plannings and the marketing aspects of Game Product they handles. Their are the ones who talked and discussed the future of the game from its Game Developer ( in ZX Online – the Beijing’s Perfect World Co. Ltd. ). They are the Overall In-charge of the Game Product Zhu Xian Online Philippines and the ZX gaming Community.

ZX ( Zhu Xian ) Online Product Managers:

Heidi Mendita – Group Product Manager at IP-eGames. is a veteran in the online gaming industry. She has successfully launched the leading free-to-play MMORPGs in the country. She heads the teams responsible for bringing quality online games to every city and province in the Philippines.

Ivee Feria – Product Manager for Zhu Xian, has been in the online gaming industry for several years. She was the person behind the successful launch and operation of triple A titles. She worked both at e-Games Philippines and at e-Games Vietnam. A gamer by heart, her priority is the welfare of the community.

Jane Amador – Assistant Product Manager for Zhu Xian, has been working at e-games for two years now, giving her well-rounded knowledge and experience in administration, events coordination and customer relations.

So this ZX All-Female Team of Managers including Ms. Mei Yan will bring to us this ultimate MMO much closer to our heart. Really fascinated with its love story motiff and simply this game will be an eye catchy to many female / girl gamers in many places, also their love ones too. Really hope that even a single male player like me will be attach to this game and really enjoy with the game Zhu Xian Online has to offers in the future.

To Ma’m Heidi, Ma’m Ivee and Ma’m Jane. Thank you for this game ZX Online PH and in behalfs of all excited players waiting for this game including myself. We all salutes you.

Hope i can get some scope of your future ZXCGMs, ZXTGMs and ZXFMs for my next previews.

Many thanks to the following:

Game Magazine November Issue for the infos and InweAnarion of Exitializ for the Product Managers Group Image.

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