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ZX Online PH CBT Client Downloads Options


ZX CBT Client
Version: CBT Client
Size:  1.16 GB ( Client file size ) / Actual File size after installation 1.25 GB.

METHOD 1: Use the mIRC chatroom!

1.) get mirc http://www.mirc.com
2.) Connect to irc.e-games.com.ph
3.) join #egames
4.) enter this into the channel /ctcp File XDCC GET zx #1 (copy paste this)
5.) accept the send

Visit CGM Persona instructions about mIRC downloading procedures at ZX Forum


1. Download a torrent software ( I personally use uTorrent for downloading ZX Client )
2. Install the uTorrent in your PC ( After the installation, do not first run the uTorrent go to # 3 step )
3. Visit the e-Games Portal download site and click on Zhu Xian Online with Torrent download option.
4. It will prompt you to Mininova site, Click the Download to Start ( file size 11.9 kb)
5. View the Torrent file in the folder where you save it, Run the file using uTorrent
6. uTorrent screen will pop, click the ZX client then click the play icon.
7. To set unlimited bandwidth for you downloading process, right click the ZX client in your uTorrent screen the options.
8. After you completed downloading the files, stay your uTorrent ZX client files open to seeds those who are not yet finish in the process.


For Direct Download / FTP


or go to e-Games Portal download site and click ZX CBT Client Option 2 Version: CBT Client Direct


For those who have a problems in other methods given above, I personally recommend this hosting site created by Althaea.  Stable bandwidth downloading and for those who wants to prevent traffics in other sources given above.

Althaea Hosting Site

Visit ZX Online PH Community for more details.

and learn more about  Close Beta Testing at ZX Mania Blogspot


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