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ZX Online Ph Open Beta Client Downloading Options

I will definitely recommends that you 1st install any download manager available before you proceed to the client downloading.

Flash Get Download Manager

( Using Internet Explorer Web Browser to automatically link your FTP Download using Flash Get )


( For Mininova Torrent Link )


( Another good host for Torrent Downloading )

ZX Online Open Beta Client Mirrors and Options:

e-Games  Mirror Site using MediaFire Hosting Site

16 parts of FTP downloading options – save all the parts in one folder Opened / unzipped / unrar the 1st part and it will automatically open all parts and make a 1.15 gig of client file installer.

Althaea’s FTP Hosting Site ( Seitoukai.net )

Direct Downloading using FTP. Open / Unzipped / Unrar the 1.18 G file to create ZX Open Beta Client Installer.

Eduardir’s Torrent using Mininova Hosting Site

Additional options using Torrent, much better if there’s number of seeders. I suggest to stay open your file after downloading process finished to help seeding those who are still in the process of downloading the client file.

For Help and Informations please visit the ZX Community PH Site

See you all at ZX Open Beta Launching this Sunday.


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Thank You ZX Team for the CBT !~

Many of the ZX testers dont know the meaning of gratitudes. Although there some minor errors experienced on the latter part of the CBT periods. As i sumed it up, it was really a great and fun experiences.  Many of us testers learned a lot from those guides presented at the Community Site, up to the efforts and initiatives of all the members of ZX Team on the testing period.

Somehow we should thanks all of them that they brought us this game and actually tried during the CBT.

I actually enjoyed a lot during my CBT trials, also  had a chance to create different classes and properly understands all the quests.

Thank you ZX Team that you given us the oppurtunity to tried out this game. Thanks for those ZX CBT days.

More Power and Wish You all the Best on the launching of ZX Open Beta.

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ZXOnline Open Beta this Holiday Season!


Your Journey to Immortality is about to begin!

This Holiday season, IP e-Game Ventures Inc., (e-Games), is all set for the ZX Online: Journey to Immortality as it goes on Open Beta Testing (OBT) this December 28, 2008.

ZX Online: Journey to Immortality is the 1st Chinese MMORPG (massively multiple online role-playing game) to be added to the e-Games roster. It features mystical Chinese landscapes and sceneries for game players to explore during their soul-searching journey and training.

Ivee Feria, Product Manager for ZX Online: Journey to Immortality, said that the game’s CBT will finish by December 23, 2008 and already has yielded positive feedback from players.

“The announcement of the OBT is quite timely because we have a long holiday period. Gamers will be able to indulge more in playing ZX Online: Journey to Immortality.”

Feria also said that the OBT will provide better gameplay experience, loading times and a more polished interface and dialogue. Unique features like full 3D pathing system, evolving pet , flying sword, Talisman and mount systems have also been improved. Likewise, the cooperative Quests and Missions have been expanded.

ZX Online: Journey to Immortality’s OBT is but one step closer to the commercial launch of the game which will happen this January 2009.

So join in the fun and experience the best online gaming experience with ZX Online: Journey to Immortality.

For more informations kindly visit the following Sites:

ZX Online PH Community

ZX Online PH Official Website

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My CBT ZX Adventures


After 2 weeks of intensive playing of this game ZX Online Ph Close Beta testing phase. Finally i have to say that this new game will be my next realm for the coming of 2009. The game made me sticked in my chair for couple of weeks and forgot my other objective to blog all things about my ZX adventure. Now is the time i guess.

I made several characters in ZX CBT, this is what i have got so far :

Bonding Bliss School- Lvl 40

Azure Cloud School( Male ) – Lvl 48

Azure Cloud School ( Female ) – Lvl 25

Heaven Sound Temple- Lvl 30

But i can’t still decide what class will i pursue in the OPEN BETA since Ghost Witch and Ghost King classes also have certain things which are very interesting and that got my attention. ( I will save it in Open Beta ).

Daily Quests, Cultivation Quests, Fishing and Daily Events will make your day in hype all day long while playing ZX Online. There are lots of routines and activities  in game that we never experienced before in other MMORPG around. I will post some of this features in my succeeding blogs.


Types of Quest:

Zhu Xian Quest (Dirty Yellow Colored Quest) –  Story based quests for your character growth that gives high amount of Cultivation points ( Exp) when completed. ( Importance – High )

Travelling Quest ( Blue Colored Quest ) – NPC driven multiple tasks, that takes time and several NPC appointments in far destinations before it will be complete. Cultivation Rewards at Mid Level. ( Importance – Mid )

Trial Refining Quest ( White Colored Quest ) – Repeatable quests that anyone can get at Quest Emmissary situated in every town per Map. Experience reward at Low. ( Importance – Optional )

There are other quests types such as:

Classic Quest – Yellow in color

Adventure Quest – Light Blue in color

School Quest – Dark Blue in color

Treasure Seeking Quest – Orange in color

Description for this types of quests will be posted in my succeeding articles.

Also visit my ZX Mania Blogspot for the informations about the Young Eagle Features ( X2 exp and buffs )

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