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After 2 weeks of intensive playing of this game ZX Online Ph Close Beta testing phase. Finally i have to say that this new game will be my next realm for the coming of 2009. The game made me sticked in my chair for couple of weeks and forgot my other objective to blog all things about my ZX adventure. Now is the time i guess.

I made several characters in ZX CBT, this is what i have got so far :

Bonding Bliss School- Lvl 40

Azure Cloud School( Male ) – Lvl 48

Azure Cloud School ( Female ) – Lvl 25

Heaven Sound Temple- Lvl 30

But i can’t still decide what class will i pursue in the OPEN BETA since Ghost Witch and Ghost King classes also have certain things which are very interesting and that got my attention. ( I will save it in Open Beta ).

Daily Quests, Cultivation Quests, Fishing and Daily Events will make your day in hype all day long while playing ZX Online. There are lots of routines and activities  in game that we never experienced before in other MMORPG around. I will post some of this features in my succeeding blogs.


Types of Quest:

Zhu Xian Quest (Dirty Yellow Colored Quest) –  Story based quests for your character growth that gives high amount of Cultivation points ( Exp) when completed. ( Importance – High )

Travelling Quest ( Blue Colored Quest ) – NPC driven multiple tasks, that takes time and several NPC appointments in far destinations before it will be complete. Cultivation Rewards at Mid Level. ( Importance – Mid )

Trial Refining Quest ( White Colored Quest ) – Repeatable quests that anyone can get at Quest Emmissary situated in every town per Map. Experience reward at Low. ( Importance – Optional )

There are other quests types such as:

Classic Quest – Yellow in color

Adventure Quest – Light Blue in color

School Quest – Dark Blue in color

Treasure Seeking Quest – Orange in color

Description for this types of quests will be posted in my succeeding articles.

Also visit my ZX Mania Blogspot for the informations about the Young Eagle Features ( X2 exp and buffs )


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