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This Blog is dedicated only to the MMORPG title im interested in right now. Zhu Xian or ZX Online got my attention seriously, I think this game will soon rock in the pinoy gaming scene and will definitely outcast all existing MMORPG ( Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ) in the country today and next years to come. A F2P ( Free to Play ) 1st English version MMORPG with a touch of Chinese Epic Adventures, based on the popular chinese love story novel in a superb game engine, concept and 3D graphics ( even some low-end computer specs can handle this game ). And also to be offer soon in an international markets.

In this Blog you will find some of my personal views and recent news about the game. And ofcourse those important quotes, events, contest, suggestions, guides, informations and comments by other authors, from other ZX sites and message boards discussing this game.

Also deepest apology for my bad english.

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Let’s Start

What is Zhu Xian Online ?

“Zhu Xian ONLINE,” the third title by Perfect World Co., with more sophisticated and beautiful “Graphic Function” than the first title “Perfect World,” and with better operability than the second title “Q- World”. This ZX is a super 3D MMORPG. Its motif is based on the world view of the internet novel “Zhu Xian” which boasts of overwhelming popularity in China.

Internet novel “Zhu Xian” has the world view that features a story of love and hatred or parting and meeting, in a way, a true love of a hero with dark past and two beautiful heroines. Likewise the game traces the story featuring heroin, her NPC, surrounding figures’ NPC, Quest and Dungeons. Particularly players can experience the grand world view created by this fantasy novel with unprecedented unique new system, “Faction System” and beautiful and powerful “Skill Graphic.”

“Zhu Xian Online” will inherit the fantasy elements of the novel, express China’s beautiful scenery and truly let the player experience the full process of self-cultivation. This beyond-space-and-time “4D” online game has an abundant production system, complex mage equipment and a variety of regions. The game will have furious clan battles, and will allow the players to enter the mysterious underground. The game creates two unique ways of leveling up and self-cultivation, and will bring a totally different fantasy online game to you. This is a high-grade MMRPG that players can experience the grand world view of that fantasy novel through unprecedented unique system,” Treasure System,” beautiful and powerful “Skill Graphic” and joyful “Family System” which you can enjoy communication through small units. It is a high-grade MMORPG which players can experience the grand world view brought by the fantasy novel.

The official version of the game will include new content including four in-game scenes, two mini-maps, thirteen magic, seventy-two skills,dozens of BOSSES, hundreds of outfits, thousands of monsters, tens of thousands of tasks and the calling-shocked innovation system. This updated version will be a one- stop service in which all plots in the novel of ZhuXian and five self cultivation periods will be unveiled. Therefore, scenes in the game will be consistent with those in the novel.

”Unparalleled Battlefield” has been one of the most anticipated expansion packs for ”Zhu Xian” and contains new quests featuring new items and battlegrounds. The Company believes that ”Unparalleled Battlefield” will bring an exciting battle experience to game players. ”Unparalleled Battlefield” allows levels 105 to 109 players to enter the ”Wuwei Battlefield” and levels 120 to 134 players to enter the ”Jiehe Battlefield” when they register at specified Non-Player Characters and perform their fighting skills.

On the Battlefield, all players can obtain ”Xianji Points” and ”Heavenly Crystal Stones” to exchange for masterworks of their clans’ battlefield equipment.

As ”Zhu Xian” has recently won the ”Best Self-Developed Online Game” award and “Top 10 most Popular Online Games” award in the ChinaJoy Jin Ling Awards, the Company believes the launch of ”Unparalleled Battlefield” will be another example of demonstrating our strong technology and creative game design capabilities. On the Battlefield, all players can obtain ”Xianji Points” and ”Heavenly Crystal Stones” to exchange for masterworks of their clans’ battlefield equipment.

“Zhu Xian Online” has gained much credit in 2007, being named as “the most promising new game” in China’s online game survey released by Baidu.com. In terms of achievements in 2007, “Zhu Xian Online” has been nominated for three awards, such as “gamers’ top ten favorable online-games”, “the best original net game,” and “the best 3D online-game.” The release of the official version of “Zhu Xian Online” will be at the forefront of the fantasy online-game market in 2007.

Zhu Xian Online or ZX Online Philippines is the first English translated version of the game and its announces that ZX Online Philippines will open its doors to International Market as well.

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