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Kush joined Exitializ Guild for ZX Online PH

Im proud to announced in my blog that my official home for ZX Online Ph will be at Exitializ Guild. You will gonna say theres is no point of relaying this to my readers and visitors but i would say that this is my way of appreciations to those people inside this guild who welcome me with open arms and there are also members who invited me to join in through personal messages prior to my said formal application.

Really excited about every possibility that my guild will be known for its advocacies, the drives of helping ZXph gaming community clean and bringing a new level of gaming experiences to most of the players. This are examples of many great efforts i would like to achieve in the near future together with my fellow guildmates.

Really excited to start my great adventure to Zhu Xian with this magnificent guildmates. And im really really happy and proud to say that i belong to a guild who will be representing as the pioneering clan in the history of ZX Ph and aiming to participates in the close beta test come November.

To my Guildmates @ Exitializ many thanks guys and Goodluck to all of us and hope we are to be selected as one of the Testing Guild for the CBT phase.

Kindly visit Exitializ Guild Forum Thread for more infos and your interest in joining this Guild for ZX PH.


October 20, 2008 Posted by | Exitializ News | 1 Comment