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Zhu Xian: Enter a New Game

This are the parts wherein you will enter the game the first time. This guide will preview how to install, patch, log in and create a character in the game. ( Images are still in chinese text for the purpose of describing which part to be followed. )

Lets get started.

After the game installed, ZX icon will appear on the desktop. Double-click the icon will appear on the screen to update the game, if the need to update the game, there will be updated server box to choose, you can choose your update Server for updates.

When you install the game, running for the first time, the game will automatically detect updates, detects when there are updates, it will pop up automatically updated interface settings, choose the good and in line with its own network of servers to be updated, so as to ensure the update rate.

If you choose to manually update, first of all need to download the update patch, and then click manually upgrade.

Click on the updated manual, please select the appropriate path to patch storage, you can click this to open.

When the file of the game led to an error pop-up or other problems such as it cannot run, use the version of the verification, but the version of the verification may take longer to you, just please be patient.

Click to verify version will verify the version of the pop-up interface, you can choose.

After the completion of the update, please update the screen in the lower right choice for your area of the game, and then click on the “start of the game.”

After entering the game screen, first of all choose to enter the server.

Enter your user identification and password

Choose Server Channel to enter ( If applicable in English version )

Then you will prompt to Character Creation Screen

At Character Selection and Creation, To create a character, first of all characters in the interface, click to choose “to create characters.”

After the creation of characters will be the interface, where players can create their own characters for face, hair, gender selection.

Then choose to create a character, in the bottom of the avatar you need to input your in-game character namei then click “OK”.

After the character has been created, Click Ok then you will prompt to character selection screen. Then you can now Play the ZX Online.

Enjoy the game !~


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ZX Online Philippines goes International

Yes, its been announced. The most anticipated game of Q4 2008 the ZX Online PH ( Zhu Xian ) will open its doors to all players internationally. ZX online Philippines, the first english version of the MMORPG, Zhu Xian Online. Created by China’s Beijing Perfect World Co. Ltd, and to be publish by IP e-Games Ventures for Philippines franchise were schedule its Close Beta Testing Phase this coming November 2008. It means no more blocking of Ip addresses for this game and those who residing outside the country can also enjoy playing ZX online 1st english version.

Still dont have any clue whether e-Games PH will also do some invites or accepts request for all foreign players who wish to participate in the CB testing. But this is considered a great news especially those pinoys in abroads who like to play with fellow pinoys. I hope in this effort and the inclusion of players from different parts of the country will help more in the effort to show the game ZX Online to other parts of the World.

Ive been playing several of International MMORPGs titles and i had an experienced playing side by side with matured, friendly well behave foreigners thats why i simply admired them. This will also one way to prove to our foreign counterparts that pinoy gamers are similarly friendly, competitive, smart players and well disciplined as themselves. Im sure it will bring more excitement and even more challenging to compete with some future foreign guilds.

The additions of foreign players and all pinoy gamers lived, worked and studying abroad will be a bigger trials to e-Games and ZXph Team. With a bigger and wider market we just hope that the value of services will be a whole lot of better for ZX players and we need to see a bigger improvements this time. The efforts of bringing a pleasant gaming experiences to majority and the nice game community to all with a superb customer services are the big challenges to ZX PH Team and to its company to be face in the future.

Goodluck e-Games Team and Thank you for bringing to us ZX online, Its another new excitements for all gamers who cant really wait for this game to happen.

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ZX Pre – CBT Discussion sessions ( FGD ) possible?

Its been a major discussion in the new ZX community forum about the involvements of selected gamers going to the pre-CBT preparations and plannings with ZX Team. Ive read a comments from some forumers about this topic suggesting a  Focus Group Discussions or some sort of a panel meetings set by our Community Manager together with some Game masters, selected future ZX gamers and some guild representatives discussing the future of ZX and game related topics prior to the close beta testing period date.

Its a very nice plan really if its going to push thru. For a starting Game Community, set a pace by starting good relationships and interacting with the players are effective ways of creating friendships and building respects and trust among ourselves, Management and Players alike.  And its one great step towards achieving a very nice game community objective. Im hoping that CBT start sooner, the longer the testing period the bigger posibility that we might encounter less executional errors and game bugged in the Open Beta phase.

Wish you all the best !~

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Getting Ready for ZX PH Game Launching

Its been months since Zhu Xian Online first introduced in some reputable e-Games GM blogs, sites and gaming haven reports. This newly acquired MMORPG by IPV /e-Games Phils ,developed by Beijing Perfect World Co. Ltd is the next much anticipated game in Philippine MMO schedule to launch later this year after the big success of Cabal Online Phils middle of this year.

And this October marked the starts of this new realm for massive pinoy gamers after its first Website Introduction and ZX Community Blogs made an entrance for public viewing and several forumers in e-Games Site Forum made a significant numbers visitors and game inquiries about this new game ZX.

Also take a look or visit the new ZX Threads, as part of the preparation for this new MMO, we can now discuss the game, post comments and taking notes for the latest guides in the addition of ZX Topics Discussion Threads in e-Games Forum ( Official Game Forum )


This is my way to formally introduce our Community Manager for ZX PH, CM Mei Yan. A Female Game Community Manager will charm its way to the gaming world of Zhu Xian Phils. This will add more charisma to the game and best suited to lead in this Love Story Novel based new MMORPG schedule to hit its Close Beta Testing this coming November 2008.

ZX PH Community Manager Mei Yan

ZX PH Community Manager Mei Yan

CM Mei Yan said that theres lots of suprises in the coming of this game and great rewards to those people and guilds who contributes, participates and continue to do the efforts bringing this game to the gaming public admirations.

More Power and Goodluck!~ CM Mei Yan and to the ZX Communty Team members.

CM Mei Yan – Multiply Site

ZX Online Philippines Community

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Zhu Xian: MTVs

Ive never seen a Music Videos for a MMORPG and this are really good, Richie Ren or Richie Jen performs and actually starred as Zhang Xiao Fan in the MTV Im Back, with several points taken from the actually game itself.

This are sample Videos : Hope you all like it



“Zhu Xian: I’m back”, Zhu Xian Online’s theme song topped several music charts and bill-boards for nearly a month after its release. Also featured in the game was “Zhu Xian Love” or “Zhu Xian Lian”, a much anticipated love song. The music videos of both songs are interconnected, featuring Zhu Xian Online’s mystic setting and breathtaking sceneries. The music video of Zhu Xian: I’m back” alone was a two million RMB production. In the Shanghai press conference, Richie Ren, showed up in his devil custom with a soul-destroying stick, reminded the audience of Zhu Xian’s Zhang Xiao-fan.

sources: prnewswire

And By the way i have to promote Zhu Xian Video performed by our versatile guys at Head Office( actually they are all Game Masters at e-Games PH HQ ). This ultimate masters performed the lip synching of the popular hit by Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger and called them selves Master Zhu and student Xian under Zhu Xian Productions. Both Hilarious and a masterpiece this major act caught the attentions of mostly viewers particularly e-Gamers, which signals the first official promotion of the game Zhu Xian in Pinoy gaming crowds.

Let’s have a look:


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Zhu Xian Online : A new kind of MMO Masterpiece

“Zhu Xian” is based on a popular internet fantasy novel with the same name. The game has been well-received among chinese online game players since its launch in China May 2007.

Perfect World Co., Ltd., a leading online game developer and operator in China,  had entered into a new licensing agreement with IP E-Game Ventures Inc., a well-known online game operator in the Philippines or e-Games Phils that published some of the great titles like Ran online, Cabal Online, Audition Phils and many more. Last June 12, 2008. IP E-Game Ventures Inc. licensed Perfect World’s “Zhu Xian” game in the Philippines.

“Zhu Xian Online” will inherit the fantasy elements of the novel, express China’s beautiful scenery and truly let the player experience the full process of self-cultivation. This beyond-space-and-time “4D” online game has an abundant production system, complex mage equipment and a variety of regions. The game will have furious clan battles, and will allow the players to enter the mysterious underground. The game creates two unique ways of leveling up and self-cultivation, and will bring a totally different fantasy online game to all pinoy gaming enthusiasts.

”Zhu Xian” has recently won the ”Best Self-Developed Online Game” award and “Top 10 most Popular Online Games” award in the ChinaJoy Jin Ling Awards, the Company believes the launch of ”Unparalleled Battlefield” will be another example of demonstrating our strong technology and creative game design capabilities. On the Battlefield, all players can obtain ”Xianji Points” and ”Heavenly Crystal Stones” to exchange for masterworks of their clans’ battlefield equipment.

The official version of the game will include new content including four in-game scenes, two mini-maps, thirteen magic, seventy-two skills,dozens of BOSSES, hundreds of outfits, thousands of monsters, tens of thousands of tasks and the calling-shocked innovation system. This updated version will be a one- stop service in which all plots in the novel of ZhuXian and five self cultivation periods will be unveiled. Therefore, scenes in the game will be consistent with those in the novel.

sources: pwrd, Beijing Perfect World Co.Ltd. , e-Games Forum

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Zhu Xian: My Very First Impressions

The first time i saw Zhu Xian was in the Discussion at e-Games Forum. Zyklone (forumer) made the first call to allow forumers to participate in this new game discussion. Most of the posted views were inquiries and negative comments about the game which eventually compare the gameplay to the other title made by the same company. Perfect World.

Zhu Xian Commercial Poster

After several clickings something happens, my excitement getting higher to really look for the game has to offer. Finally opened up several videos to see what im gonna expect in the game. Hmm, and i was able to scope on the Official Site which i considers unique and can be lined up to Zhu Xian official site made by Japan and Malaysian site. Hehe, still remember passing thru the Zhu Xian Community Blog Site made by APM Janey, cant take my eyes starring on her avatar well anybody will do the same i think its quite normal.

Looking back…

Great ! i still remember the first word to type in my first post to Zhu Xian Discussion Thread under e-Games Community Forum. Its marked the time when i finally swears to follow all informations regarding Zhu Xian and made some blog site for it.

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