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Thank You ZX Team for the CBT !~

Many of the ZX testers dont know the meaning of gratitudes. Although there some minor errors experienced on the latter part of the CBT periods. As i sumed it up, it was really a great and fun experiences.  Many of us testers learned a lot from those guides presented at the Community Site, up to the efforts and initiatives of all the members of ZX Team on the testing period.

Somehow we should thanks all of them that they brought us this game and actually tried during the CBT.

I actually enjoyed a lot during my CBT trials, also  had a chance to create different classes and properly understands all the quests.

Thank you ZX Team that you given us the oppurtunity to tried out this game. Thanks for those ZX CBT days.

More Power and Wish You all the Best on the launching of ZX Open Beta.


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A Call for Future ZX Online Players

This my personal opinions in some topics found in the ZX official forum regarding the drives against all sort of Third Party Programs ( 3PP ). And also consider this a call to unites us in the drive to help the community of a Free cheats and 3PPs MMORPG in the country.

Im also encourage everyone to post your views and personal opinions, share to us all your ideas it will be a big help to the ZX Online Community.


There will be no Bots or any 3rd Party Programfor this latest game ZX Online at the moment. Simply because there were no private servers of ZX Online established so far. Remember that 3rd party programs always created not for personal interests of some gamers but always for business purposes and to make money out of it.

If this game is going to publish in other major continents, thats the time we will look out for some malicious movements. It will definitely starts with certain newbie chac spamming for Copper ( ZX ingame money) Selling and Power Levelling which are really annoying, this is an example of first move that in most countries and MMOs are very rampant and taking it as a serious business that even the certain publisher taken it for granted. If they were so successful and a lot of customers having patronized there services this is the signal to 3PP programmers to create programs in extremely sense. In which again another way to make big money by selling the programs to their valuable customers. This is the point that the said programs being shared, abundantly copy and advertise in other medium or in the net.

When this copper seller and power levelling mysterious newbie character starting to deploys in all ZX servers, this is the time we as players to take several actions and by helping of reporting to the ZX team community we will somehow prevent this thing to populates our game. Thats why we are a Community and by being vigilant and always aiming for an excellent gaming experience we should somehow cooperates hand in hand with the publisher and with the ZX Game Community itself. Our drive is to trackdowns all possibilities of 3PPs and other malicious intentions of cheating.

If we are so selfish focusing more with our personal intentions to become rich, powerful and gain popularity in the game and not mind to share, participate or cooperate or supporting the publisher but even patronized the 3PP business and services, this the worst time that problems will start to accumulates and then even the publisher didnt know which to prioritize either the game security or your individual problems.

We cant stop this. If we gamers didnt unites to fight this virus , if we always reluctant and relying mostly on the capabilities of the publishers to tracked down this bugs in the game, the result then will be more impossible to our publisher to catch this programs and to make counter measures. And the end results will be an eternal sufferrings of fire fightings.

So im asking everyone to always be an Active Gamer and not to be a Passive one. Be Vigilant.

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ZX Video Collections

I like to share some cool ZX video clips taken from zx-wanmei site.

Kindly click the description below to watch the video.

City Wars – ZX Version of a Siege War

Azure in Assassin costume with his Panda

Funny War Video

Pets and more cool ZX Pets

Zhu Xian Lian Music Video

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Zhu Xian: The Synopsis – A Journey to Immortality

In the beginning, the world of man was beset by tempestuous storms. The thunderous roar of lightning wracked the land and disasters befell mankind. Man lamented his inability to escape death and calamities and throughout the land was heard the wail of despair.

In desperation, man imagined that there were nine heaves above, where mighty gods dwell and nine netherworlds below where souls went to rest in the infernal halls. Thus did man begin to hope for immortality and devoted their worship to the great gods they had brought forth.
Despite the knowledge that death was unavoidable, all that lives, loves life and fears death. Belief in the infernal lands haunted man, and so, man yearned ever more for immortality.

Thus did wise men and sages begin to search for the secrets of immortality. Though immortality was still unattainable, there were some who were well cultivated in the mystical arts that understood the secrets of Heaven and Earth, and even as mortals they had great powers, with various magical weapons they could shake the Heavens and make the earth tremble.

The mortals that practiced the art of mystical cultivation were innumerable, as many as the carps in the rivers. For the Middle Plain is vast, and those with strange power were many, there were countless ways of mystical cultivation. The secrets of immortality are still unattainable, yet already different sects and clans have formed. These were divided into those who followed the path of righteousness and those who pursued the heretic path.

Once an apprentice of the righteous path, “Zhang Xiaofan” was hated by his brethren for loving Biyao, the daughter of the Ghost Lord. Later he betrayed the Green Cloud Sect and became a disciple of the Ghost Lord Clan, changing his name to “Ghostry”. And on the Mountain of Green Cloud, a heart broken Lu Xueqi that loved Zhang Xiaofan with all her heart and soul had to endure the avarice and persecution of her clan.

As the wars between the Righteous and Heretic paths continued, hordes of monsters and demons invaded the Middle Plain. Death and destruction spread everywhere, and the thousands of bodies left unburied created a stench that brought about the saying “Heaven and Earth are ruthless, trampling all creatures like straw dogs”.

Brought to the brink of extinction by this great calamity, the paths of Righteousness and Heresy have to abandon their old rivalry, and stand united to face the demons and monsters.

Will Zhang Xiaofan find the way to save the life of Bi Yao? Will the Heretic and the Righteous sects put aside all the hatred and work together against the coming calamity? Destiny is in your hand, join us in the battle to save this enchanting, mythical world! The world of the Zhu Xian.

Also kindly read : A Period before the War of the Three Kingdoms by CM Mei Yan

Thanks Celestial Destroyer @ Blogger for this great synopsis.

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Zhu Xian: The Story

Heh, nah this is not the entire story itself but this is taken from the popular novel. It only summarized the real story of Zhu Xian based on the music video created for the game, this will give you ideas, scene and events from the real novel. itself.

The video describes the fantasy tale around the protagonist Xiao Fan. After a period of frustration, Xiao Fan hides a soul-destroying stick and is eventually buried alive with Bi Yao. One day, Xian Fan’s brother Jing Yu came to visit and persuaded him to return to the Qing Yun clan. With the remaining confederates of Werebeast incited by demons to attack decency, the sword of Zhu Xian gets broken, and Xue Qi was badly wounded. Although Bi Yao refused in her mind, she does not want Xiao Fan to be in a state of uncertainty, however, in the end, she persuads him to go. Whereafter, Xiao Fan congeed Bi Yao, and left with Jing Yun to go back to the Qing Yun clan. In the battlefield, the Qing Yun took heavy losses, but some important elders strived, but the focus remained on the blue Tian Xie sword.

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